My weekend in pictures: Nottingham Open Tennis and more

This weekend saw mostly lovely weather and we made the most of it by watching the Nottingham Open doubles and men’s finals at the tennis centre handily just a twenty minute walk from our house. It was lucky that we had bought our tickets in advance because the finals and semi-finals were completely sold out.

Istomin (who seemed to be the crowd’s favourite) won the men’s finals against Querry (who we had seen before) in straight sets but I think I enjoyed the doubles final more as it was action-packed and very entertaining. We had a great day at the tennis centre and hope that the men’s and women’s tournaments return next year.

The rest of the weekend saw me watching Serena with my best friend and laughing at how awful the film was. Seriously, what happened? I guess it serves as a cautionary tale of what happens when a film is in post-production for two years.

On Sunday, we cleaned around the house, played Yoshi’s Woolly World (a Nintendo game based on crafts? Take my money), read my book A London Year, drank Pimms, ate cheesecake and finished putting together my parcel for my Oh Comely magazine Perfect Strangers swap.

This weekend gets a big thumbs up from me! What did you get up to?

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