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Favourite Things: Silicon Valley, The Affair, Welcome to Night Vale and when mascots go wrong

Welcome to this week’s favourite things!

1. Sky Atlantic

I’m addicted to watching Sky Atlantic at the minute. We don’t have Sky but subscribe to Now TV’s entertainment package.


My husband and I are both obsessed with Silicon Valley which a great show now in its second season focused on the exploits of a startup tech company in… would you guess… Silicon Valley! We’ve been so emotionally invested in the second season and what would happen to Pied Piper. The last episode was great. If you like technology and geeky things, I’d definitely recommend the show.


I’m also loving The Affair with Dominic West and Ruth Wilson. At times hard to watch (especially for the newly married!), the show is wonderfully made with great performances and a really enthralling plot. What is really interesting is that each episode is divided in to two points of view. Fascinating. Also… Joshua Jackson.


2. The best mascot ever

Partick Thistle's new mascot designed by David Shrigley
Partick Thistle’s new mascot designed by David Shrigley

I don’t have a lot to say about Partick Thistle’s new mascot. Just look at him. Amazing.

I also love Neil Slorance’s mash up of the mascot and Raptor Squad

3. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale

I read about the wonderfully creepy Welcome to Night Vale on one of those ubiquitous ’10 Podcasts you should be listening to’ lists (my version coming soon!) and since giving it a go I’m a bit obsessed and quite tempted to go to the live show in Birmingham.

Set in the fictional town of Night Vale, the show’s wonderful narrator Cecil updates you on the latest unnerving happenings around town such as the hooded figures and the dog park (don’t look at the dog park!).

The show won’t be for everyone but I enjoy it as a wonderfully strange twenty minutes.

4. Kerry Cook’s The Best Lunch Spots in Nottingham

I love from post from my friend Kerry all about the best places for lunch in Nottingham.

5. Aww of the Week: Rabbit Hugs

The best thing ever has happened in the last few weeks. Arthur and Tietjens, our six month old house rabbits, have currently decided that what they really like is joint hugs. I’m perfectly happy with this arrangement and almost makes me forget how cheeky they are at the minute… almost.

5. GIF of the week: Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel
Grand Budapest Hotel

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