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Favourite Things: My theatre obsession, the British Invasion, peanut butter and Wes Anderson

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Happy Friday everyone! Here are this week’s six favourite things (with a heavy dose of British thespians):

1. New blog address

New blog address -

Emiliahearts has a new address! You can now find this blog at Exciting, eh?

None of that malarky anymore. Although you can still continue to use that if you don’t like change!

2. Theatre trips

Hi. My name is Emiliahearts and I’m a theatre-ticket-a-holic.

Last year my best friend and I decided we should go and see more theatre shows in London so that’s exactly what we did. We saw Stephen Mangan and Matthew McFadyen being hilarious in Jeeves and Wooster, a very intense Ben Whishaw in Mojo (alongside Rupert Grint making his stage debut), Martin Freeman being sinister in Richard III, saw the amazing Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit and finally, best of all, met Bill Nighy when he was starring in Skylight with Carey Mulligan (she cooked on stage and it smelt amazing!). Great times.

Upcoming theatre shows
Upcoming theatre shows

Well now we can’t be stopped and, in addition to going to see James McAvoy in The Ruling Class this weekend (eee!), we’re also booked to see Emma Thompson perform in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Elephant Man starring Bradley Cooper and we were really lucky (thank you Barbican membership!) to get tickets to see ol’ Cumberbatch himself in Hamlet later this year.

It’s an addiction but one I’m more than happy to foster.

3. Vanity’s Fair British Invasion

Well, hello Mr Cumberbatch
Well, hello Mr Cumberbatch

This week I’ve been fascinated by Jason Bell’s three short films for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue. Based on the idea of a ‘British invasion‘ of actors into Hollywood, the films are beautifully shot and quite funny but also a little bit oddly paced.

What do you think?

4. Wes Anderson

You may have seen this before but I absolutely love watching this video exploring the symmetry of Wes Anderson’s films.

On the topic of Wes Anderson. If you haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel yet, make this weekend the time you do. It’s available on DVD and blu-ray and is an absolute please.

Whilst you’re at it, why not make an evening of it, get some friends round and play Wes Anderson bingo.

5. Homemade peanut butter cups

Homemade peanut butter cups by Kerry Cooks
Homemade peanut butter cups by Kerry Cooks

Little known fact about me: I made it to my 29th year without trying peanut butter. Weird, huh?

Anyway, my friend Kerry recently posted a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups on her blog, Kerry Cooks and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. I must make my own soon. Swoon!

I was lucky enough to try some that Kerry made and can confirm they are absolutely delicious.

6. Gif of the Week

As I’m off to see James McAvoy in The Ruling Class this weekend, lets take a moment to remember the joy of him bustin’ a groove with Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman on the Graham Norton Show.

Watch Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy Dance To “Blurred Lines”
Source Buzzfeed

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