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Five favourite things at the start of 2015

A long overdue return to posting about my favourite things!

Here are this week’s five favourite things:

1. January cinema and my Unlimited card

In January, I find my Cineworld Unlimited card to be indispensable. I’m a sucker for Oscar-bait films released in January so being able to go to the cinema to see as many of the films as I want makes me very happy. So far in January I’ve seen The Theory of EverythingTestament of YouthInto the Woods and Foxcatcher which have all been great in their own different ways. I’m currently on a mission to see all the Oscar Best Picture nominees so as I’ve already seen The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game, I’ve just got Birdman (which i’m hopefully seeing tonight), SelmaWhiplashAmerican Sniper and Boyhood to go. I can do this!

I have had an Unlimited card with the Cineworld cinemas chain for about 8 years on-and-off. The card lets you see all the films you want at Cineworld cinemas for just £16.40 a month (it costs a little more to include cinemas in central London).

I cancelled my card a few years ago due to increasing costs and the removal of the Unlimited priority queue at Nottingham. But I then rejoined 18 months or so ago when I realised that I was still going to the cinema regularly and it would save me money! With cinema tickets now costing around £9,50 (and more for 3D and IMAX), and Orange Wednesdays coming to an end in late February, the Unlimited card is a great thing to have if you love all things film.

The card is great if you like attending the event cinema screenings by the RSC, National Theatre and Royal Ballet as you get quite a significant discount off those events too. Plus when you’ve been a member a year you get a Premium Unlimited card which gives you 25% discount off food and drink at the cinema.

Let me know if you have any January film recommendations!

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

January is definitely a time to stay at home watching box sets on the sofa (well apart from when I’m at the cinema) so I was thrilled when Netflix UK added Brooklyn Nine-Nine (a comedy series set in a police precinct starring Andy Samberg) to their catalogue. We stormed through season one in about a week just in time to catch up with the start of season two as E4 began to air it last Thursday. Although I have to Series Link it as I can’t bear to watch TV with the adverts. I’m too used to box sets now!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is from some of the writers of Parks and Recreation and The Office, two of my favourite shows, so I had high hopes. From the very first episode we’ve found it genuinely funny with lots of laugh out loud moments. As with Parks… and The Office, B99 also has a lot of heart which gets thumbs up from me.

3. My Fitness Pal

In typical January fashion I’ve been trying to get more exercise and eat a bit better. It all went out of the window last year with the busy run up to our wedding and our amazing food-heavy honeymoon in New England so it is about time I paid a bit more attention to what I’m eating.

Having heard lots of friends discuss My Fitness Pal, I have given it a go and it is working really well for me so far. I’m finding it really easy to use and useful to track what I’m eating each day giving me greater awareness of my calorie intake. This is helping me to stop snacking and to eat more fruit and veg. You can set yourself a target and track your progress. I also use the service to plan out meals for the week. I use the iPhone app which is really easy to use.

We’ll see how long I last with tracking my meals but I’m enjoying it so far and have lost 5lbs in just over a week.

Let me know if you have any tips for using it!

4. The Dissolve

Returning to the topic of film, I’ve recently become addicted to reading the articles on the website The Dissolve.

The site posts really interesting, intelligent and often quite amusing articles about all things film. I’ve started getting up for work later and later as I get addicted to reading all the latest posts that show up on my bloglovin’ feed!

I especially love the features ‘One Year Later‘, which reviews hyped films one year after their release to see if they hold up, and ‘The Newsies‘ a light hearted review of the winners and losers of the day’s film news.

If you enjoy reading about film, I’d recommend checking it out. The comment sections on the articles are always really interesting too.

5. Awww of the Week

This wonderful illustration from talented artist Neil Slorance.

6 thoughts on “Five favourite things at the start of 2015

  1. I love that you have Brooklyn 99 on the list because I just finished binge watching the show last night! My friend had recommended it because I like Parks and Rec, and boy was it a great recommendation. I need more episodes! Such a good show, right?!

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