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Penguin Bookchase review

Whilst planning our Penguin book-themed wedding (more on that soon!), I kept my eyes open for any and all cool literature and specifically Penguin merchandise and books. Therefore it was a very happy day when walking up my local high street I spotted a sun-faded copy of the Penguin Bookchase board game on display in the window of a charity shop.

Released in 2009 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Penguin Classic books, Penguin Bookchase is an updated version of the 2007 game Bookchase. Given that it was released 5 years ago now, the game isn’t widely available anymore and I could only find used copies for around £30 online. So imagine my excitement when I found it locally and complete with all its pieces for just £4.99!

We finally got around to playing the game the other night and it was so much fun. As avid book readers and one of us a librarian, it was always going to be a favourite but we loved the design of the game (such cute little book wedges!), the thought that had gone into the cards (including quotes about books and reading), the level of the questions (variety if quite simple to quite difficult but all being multiple choice you always have a chance of getting it right), the light hearted tone and the little facts on the question cards. The game works exactly like Trivia Pursuit with players making their way around the board and answering trivia questions from different categories in order to collect all the different coloured wedges. The little wedges in this game are the different Penguin book genre colours.

We didn’t get round to sticking the little Penguin Book stickers on the book ‘wedges’ until after we played but look how amazing they are:

If you’re a fan of books and games I would highly recommend Penguin Bookchase. Keep an eye on eBay and your local charity shop.

Happy gaming!

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