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Excited for the NovelTea book club

For 6 months or so now, I have been an avid reader of the brilliant lifestyle and literary blog, My Life as a Teacup since discovering it through bloglovin’. Kristin posts about a variety of things but predominantly books and now she has started a monthly book club called NovelTea which I just had to sign up to take part in.

The first book is Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan which was on my reading list anyway. I had spotted it on an offer in Waterstones and had been tempted to pick it up (who could resist the idea of a 24-hour bookstore?), but in an effort to be thrifty I walked out without it. The book club has given me a great opportunity to pick this up again!

Discussions about the book will officially start on the 1st July – tomorrow – and will take place on the Facebook group and on social media using the #NovelTea hastag.

I was trying to wait until the 1st July to start reading the book but couldn’t help myself! I am 46% through already and enjoying it. But I will post more thoughts later!

Visit My Life as a Teacup to read more about the book club or join the Facebook group.

The July NovelTea book Club

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