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Adventures in Embroidery: &stitches stitch swap

I’ve been getting into cross stitching and other crafts a lot over the last two years – I like that I feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project no matter how small. Whilst I mostly prefer cross stitch – working to a very specific pattern – I have also been dabbling with embroidery.

For inspiration I’ve been following a lot of embroidery blogs. Probably too many for my own sanity. There’s so many amazing projects to work on. Some of my favourites are Wild Olive (I love the stitching clubs), Cherry & Cinnamon (she does the best hoop embroidery art and projects – I bought her embroidery of tin man recently which I love) and &Stitches (who share great posts on embroidery and also run a quarterly e-zine).


When I read about the &stitches stitchy swap I immediately wanted to take part. I signed up and was immediately inspired by the theme of ‘place’. The problem was which to choose?

Being still quite a beginner when it comes to embroidery I decided I wanted to do something quite basic. I had some red and white striped fabric in an embroidery hoop for a while just waiting for a suitable project, looking at it I realised if I used blue thread it would be quite French. This led me to thinking about a beautiful print my friend Kerry bought me for my birthday based on the quote from the remake of Sabrina.


I love this because it reminds me of getting engaged in Paris and the wonderful time I had. So I decided to take my inspiration from this. Hopefully the end result was ok and Marie, my recipient, liked it!


I then waited for a package to arrive from my stitch swap mate Marie in America. I was absolutely delighted when the package arrived – such a stunning embroidery of a calming place – the sea. The stitching is perfect and I love it. Marie also sent some little embroidery themed treats in the package and a lovely card which explained her choice and I found really poignant.


I really loved taking part in the &stitches swap and can’t wait for next time!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Embroidery: &stitches stitch swap

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your adventures with embroidery Emma! Well done for joining a swap! Thanks so much for sharing your pic of my Tin Man, I’m so glad he’s gone to such a happy home. Hope to see much more embroidery from you in future 😉 love b.x

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