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The Wheel of Tim aka the Cabin Pressure book name game

The cast of Cabin Pressure

My boyfriend and I have recently become a bit addicted to the BBC Radio 4 comedy, Cabin Pressure. I discovered the show rather predictably through the participation of the omnipresent Mr Benedict Cumberbatch but stayed for the fabulously witty writing and sense of fun.

Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written by the supremely talented John Finnemore which focuses on the lives of four employees of the small charter airline MJN Air – the owner Carolyn, her excitable son and steward Arthur, their charming and authoritative First Officer Douglas and finally, Captain Martin Crieff who faces a daily battle to assert his authority over all who he encounters.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet I would recommend trying to catch it before the final episode airs later this year. I downloaded seasons 1 – 4 on Audible but it looks like Radio 4 Extra are broadcasting the first episode of Season 3 on Sunday night and may well repeat the rest in the run up to the final episode. I applied for tickets to the final recording but for the 200 seats that were available, the BBC had a record-breaking 22,000+ applications. Needless to say I wasn’t successful!

The show is fantastically funny throughout but our favourite moments are when Martin (Cumberbatch) and Douglas (the wonderfully witty Roger Allam) play a series of games to pass the time. We first meet Douglas and Martin in the middle of a game of ‘Brians of Britain’, in fact.

But our favourite, so far, has to be from the end of Season 1 when they try to find names of books that sound more interesting when you remove the last letter. Their contributions included:

The Da Vinci Cod(e)

Three Men in a Boa(t)

We couldn’t sleep last night trying to come up with our own versions. So here’s a few of them:

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Tim(e)

Twilight: New Moo(n)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factor(y)

The Velveteen Rabbi(t)

A Farewell to Arm(s)

For examples of books that don’t quite work, we just need to consult poor Captain Martin Crieff with his suggestion of:

The Mill on the Flos(s)

Sorry Martin. Better luck next time!

Let us know which ones you come up with!

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