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So it is February already, eh? Where is 2014 going? Oh yes, that’s right, most of mine has been taken up with persistent Sherlock geeking after it returned triumphantly on New Year’s Day. Favourite episode: The Empty Hearse, as you’re asking. 

Anyway the geek obsession has even led to me crafting Sherlock, or as it will now be known #Cumberstitching. 

Here’s a ‘I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes‘ cross stitch I made for my friend Anne (of Oh My Geek!) who will be meeting the wonderful Mr Cumberbatch on Sunday at Elementary con (so jealous). 

I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes cross stitch

I made the cross stitch from a free pattern posted online by the wonderful people at Pixy Stitches. I really enjoyed stitching the border, it was a real pleasure. 

Now we’ve started a trend of #Cumberstitching, I’m wondering what other Sherlock/Cumberbatch related wonders I can stitch. Any suggestions? 

Here are some amazing options I’ve found:

Stitch Cumberbatch (aka the holy grail of #Cumberstitching)

Sherlock characters by weelittlestitches

12 thoughts on “#Cumberstitching

      1. Awww, thanks! I was rubbish at crochet, then my mom talked me through it and I was hooked. Please forgive that annoyingly terrible pun. Find someone to teach you!

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