Revisiting Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors (1998)

Last night me and my boyfriend decided to watch the 1998 (eek!) hit film Sliding Doors (after our usual feature film length heated discussion on what we feel like watching and eventually coming to a mutually acceptable conclusion).

Having both not seen the film for ages we had forgotten a lot of stuff including the number of completely jarring American references in the film.

Here are a couple of examples:

Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow) remarks to her inquisitive friend: “They have less questions than this on ‘Jeopardy'”

Russell friend of terrible boyfriend Gerry comments that “I must say, being friends with you certainly makes the wait for the next episode of “Seinfeld” much easier to bear.”

I’m sorry… say what!?


I used to watch the American version of the game show Jeopardy on Sky in the early 00’s and there have been a number of UK versions but these never really took off.


Also, whilst I love Seinfeld as much as the next box set obsessive, it wasn’t very widely watched in Britain partly due to erratic scheduling. Russell would have had some wait in the late 90s without online episode streaming and on demand services!

Obviously all of these make sense when you consider that the film would have been marketed to an American market but it is set in the UK and Gwyneth is doing her British-thing so it really feels forced for me – even with the multitude of Monty Python references.

I’ll let them get away with the Baywatch reference though – that’s universal.


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