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My (long) weekend in pictures

This weekend was really great – of course the fact that it was three days long instead of two really helped!

We booked the day off on Friday to visit wedding venues (Nottingham Council House and Mercure Hotel). I’d never been inside the Council House before and couldn’t believe how stunningly beautiful it was. We can’t wait to get married here now.

This weekend was also packed with lots of fun times seeing friends and family as well as lots of delicious food and drink at Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie and the Malt Cross in the city centre. Next weekend has a lot to live up to!

There was also some studying (not pictured!).

See what I got up to here:

Also, here’s a clip of my favourite song ‘Life’s a happy song’ from The Muppets movie which we rewatched last night. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “My (long) weekend in pictures

    1. HI Diane. Thank you so much for your lovely comment – it was a lovely weekend. Makes the week following harder to get through though! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. 🙂

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