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My weekend in pictures

Right, all the Christmas decorations are put away and I’m back to eating normal food rather than quality street and an assortment of cheeses so i’s time to get back into the swing of blogging.

This weekend we had some book tokens to spend which we were given for Christmas. As book lovers this was very exciting. We spent a very enjoyable hour in Waterstones, Nottingham browsing books and after perusing the craft section (I was really impressed with their craft selection) and the classics I went for some unusual choices.

Normally with a gift voucher I’d go for a really nice edition of a book but this time I went for a bit of a mix – a craft kit (I really fancy learning how to make mug cosy’s!), an Emma Bridgwater recipe box and two PG Wodehouse novels (I really like these editions and I am gradually collecting them). So not all book-related but I was still very happy with my purchases!

We also spent a lot of time with family this weekend – Nial took some time to tune his brother’s guitar which he received as a birthday present.

I’ve also been doing lots of talking about our engagement and showing people the ring(sorry everyone!). Normal service will be resumed shortly!

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