The Best Month of the Year?


December. Hands down. For one main reason…

I love Christmas. There I said it. I love buying gifts for people, decorating my house (I take the 1 December off every year), singing along to Christmas songs constantly the whole month and watching Christmas films. I love having time off to spend with family and friends, the festive food, mulled wine and my Christmas jumper. I love Christmas.

Also, I love the weather. OK, hear me out. I'm not really a summer person and whilst it's not nice to be rained on or for it to be icy, it suits me much better than the hot months of the year. I love getting my winter wardrobe out, donning my boots and two pairs of socks and being wrapped up in a warm winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

Finally, every year me and my boyfriend take it in turn to plan a Christmassy surprise for the other person on the 23 December. One year we went ice skating, watched It's a Wonderful Life at a local independent cinema, had mulled wine and it started snowing. Another year my boyfriend planned a digital QR code treasure hunt. Last year we went ice skating and to a show in London. This year he's taking me to Paris…

Needless to say, December rocks.

What's your favourite month?

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3 thoughts on “The Best Month of the Year?

  1. December is definitely the best month all told. And you’re completely right about winter, its so much easier to look good in layers, scarfs and boots than in skimpy summer clothes.

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