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Six favourite things

Every Friday I will be posting a short list of my favourite things from that week.

Here are this week’s six favourite things:

1. Cross stitch

Let it be written down in the records of time that this week is the week that emiliahearts became addicted to cross stitch.

All it took was a day of illness and needing something to occupy myself and an obsession was born. We even had a stitch n bitch lunchtime  session at work this week!

I’ve completed one project and started another this week. Here are the pics (i’ve included two photos of Nemo as I think he looked better before the black outline!)

I’m going to be making a lot of Christmas presents for friends and family this year so they probably shouldn’t be surprised if they find they get a cross stitch!

My obsession has only been furthered by the discovery of the following AMAZING pattern and how to blogs:

weelittlestitches – amazing pop culture patterns and great tutorials including the fearsome french knot

Miso Funky – great cross stitch kits for sale

PixelPower Design – great etsy shop of pop culture patterns and they offer a free pattern each week through their Facebook page

PixyStitches – another really cool place to get patterns

Mochimochi Land – cute crafty projects

Of course you can just make patterns yourself using graph paper which is what I hope to start doing soon.

2. World’s fairs

Great Exhibition 1851, Crystal Palace
Great Exhibition 1851, Crystal Palace
Image from Pinterest

I LOVE World’s Fairs. Ever since reading about them for the first time in one of my American Studies modules as part of my degree – I’ve been hooked. I’ve always been fascinated by reading about all the wonderful inventions that were first shown at various fairs and the wonderful structures that were created just for them (Crystal Palace, Eiffel Tower anyone?).

They were a BIG DEAL. Of course they still happen but can you imagine what it would have been like to visit one of the historical world fairs, maybe even the first one in 1851, and see things from the other side of the world that you could only imagine being able to see?

Well have a look at this brilliant A Brief History of World’s Fairs from Time magazine.

Without a doubt if I could go back in time I would probably go back to the Great Exhibition of 1851.

3. Student discount

Since starting my A Level course I’ve been able to get student discount some places and despite my initial annoyance that I had to pay for the NUS Extra card (hmpfh!) I am now fully reaping the rewards.

50% off Spotify premium? 20% off at Pizza Express? Reduced bus fairs? YES PLEASE!


Scott Pilgrim
photo credit: cafenut via photopin cc

*Hyperventilate* Hope Larson & Bryan Lee O’Malley are doing a signing at my favourite comic shop Page 45 on Sunday 9 December.

CANCEL ALL PLANS! See you there.

5. Get back into the real world

Need a break from the internet, erm, on the internet? Try BookFace.

6. Awww of the Week


3 thoughts on “Six favourite things

  1. The stuff about the world fair at the crystal palace that Bill Bryson recounts in Home is amazing. The first ever public toilets!

    20% off at Pizza Express you say? See you there!

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