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5 favourite things

Every Friday I will be posting a short list of my favourite things from that week.

Here are this week’s five favourite things:

1. Craft of the week

I’ve been feeling a real urge to craft recently so I’ve ordered various supplies including fabric, plain tote bags, chalkboard paint, a cross stitch and more (it’s also been pay day!).

In the meantime I’ve been making do (and mending) with what supplies I already had around. My first task was a very simple but effective project of covering boxes. I’d already done one of these but I thought I’d cover some more. It really does make my lounge look much tidier.

I bought the owl sticky back plastic from Home Bargains for £1 I think and I really wish I’d bought more!

Covering a plain box with sticky back plastic before and after

I’ve also bought a copy of the 20 Crafty Makes book which had its launch in Nottingham this week. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the projects and will post the results here. The book is available from Folksy and is in aid of The Stroke Association.

2. #FridayReads

This week I’m back on my Kindle reading Almost French: A New Life in Paris by Sarah Turnbull. It’s a very readable account of starting a new life in a big city.

Friday Reads - Almost French
Currently Reading – Almost French by Sarah Turnbull

3. Book lists

I’m a sucker for a list of ‘must read books’ – it’s all the fault of The Big Read, a survey the BBC carried out in 2005 I think to find the nation’s favourite books.

Since then I’ve been trying to increase the number of books I’ve read from that list of 200 (I’m up to 61). I also sometime geekily test my knowledge of that list on Sporcle!

However, one book list is never enough and I’ve recently enjoyed looking through the following lists. I’ll probably post full blog posts on these later.

101 Books We can’t Live Without – Daily Candy (includes a lot of American books)

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge – (for all you Gilmore Girls fans out there!)

4. Hidden London 

Wonderful photo gallery on The Guardian website of London’s hidden architecture.

5. LOL of the Week

Do you know parkour? You’d better learn. Quick.

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