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Six favourite things

Every Friday I will be posting a short list of my favourite things from that week.

Here are this week’s six favourite things:

1. Christmas crafts

It’s not even November yet but in my book it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas planning.

I’ve bought a couple of small gifts so far but I’m hoping to make a lot too so I’ve been looking online for possible craft projects I could take on.

The Martha Stewart website is a treasure trove of ideas. I love these felt coasters. I fancy a neon colours set too.

Felt coasters
Beautiful felt coasters

2. Literary themed accessories

Last year my friend bought me an Agatha Christie/Typewriter brooch which I love and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with bookish home and outfit accessories.

This week I stumbled across bookish and the Literary Gift Company who have some fantastic products for all book nerds and librarians out there. I want it all!

My favourite at the moment is this library brooch from bookish.

Library brooch

3. #FridayReads

This week I’m reading Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas. Me and my boyfriend recommended books to each other this week, he suggested this one and I suggested Oracle Night by Paul Auster. Have you read either?

Friday Reads Scarlett Thomas Our Tragic Universe
Scarlett Thomas – Our Tragic Universe

4. A 1998 view of the future

My boyfriend borrowed the Dorling Kindersley’sbook of the Future from the library. Published in 1998 it gives a pretty amusing look at what people thought electronics would look like in the distant ‘future’ (…the year 2000 for Flight of the Conchords fans out there!).

Take a look:

4. Farewell Ceefax

The internet of our youth. Goodbye old friend…

5. LOL of the Week

Continuing the theme of technology – here’s a video of everyone’s favourite actor Paul Rudd (if he’s not, why?) using his special computer.

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