My favourite outfit #1

Like many people, I have a few special outfits that always make me feel comfortable and confident no matter what situation. I always know they will fit well and suit me. This series will celebrate those outfits whether they be casual or smart.

Me wearing my favourite dress at a friend's wedding
Me wearing my favourite dress at a friend’s wedding

My first favourite outfit is this black and white polka dot dress. I bought this from Evans a couple of years ago for about £60 I think. Whilst that is more than I would ideally want to pay for a dress it has been a great investment. It’s a great fit and I love the shape,  the length (just below my knee) and polka dot design. I think it’s quite retro without being impractical.

This dress has been worn to work, to weddings and afternoon tea’s and I’ve always felt comfortable. I even cycled around London’s parks in it last week!

What’s your favourite outfit?

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