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Love books? Discover goodreads

I love reading.

When I was a child I borrowed armfuls of books from our local library week on week and read children’s fiction (LOVED POINT HORROR) and non-fiction books about Queen Elizabeth I, the Egyptians, The Beatles and travel books of places I wanted to go.


My favourite book was Matilda and I used to challenge myself to read it in an hour most Sundays.

I’ve yet to lose this appetite for reading and I hope I never do. It should be no surprise then that my boyfriend is a librarian! This has led to us having to move to a 3 bedroom house instead of a 2 bedroom flat just to accommodate our bookshelves.

Goodreads - A facebook for book lovers
Goodreads – A facebook for book lovers

We both love reading and like to reflect back on the books we’ve read in the past and as such as fell in love with Goodreads. Like Facebook for books, the site lets you track the books you’ve read, those that you’re currently reading and those that you want to read.

The two aspects I love the most are the Reading Challenge – in which you set yourself a challenge of the number of books you want to read in that year and tracks your success. It can also tell you how many pages you’ve read each year.

Secondly I love that you can browse lists of books that people have put together and you can get ideas of interesting things to read.

For book readers I can’t recommend it more!

Me being silly with a Charlaine Harris book
As well as reading books, I also enjoy posing in silly ways with them

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