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My favourite things

Every Friday I will be posting a short list of my favourite things from that week.

Here are this week’s favourite things:

1. Duvet days

Our Duvet Day film selection
Our Duvet Day film selection

On Wednesday me and my boyfriend took a day off work and decided to do nothing but watch DVDs in our PJs. It was the best day ever.

The picture above shows the films we rented from Blockbusters and we watched ALL OF THEM! Our favourites were Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (I love the books) and Salmon Fishing in the Yeoman (I’ve read the book but it was quite different).

2. Fancy studying in the School of Liberal Arts & Monstrosities at Monsters University?

Monster University Hoodie
Monster University Hoodie

I might love this even more because I work at a University but how amazing is this website for Monsters University? This site has been created by Pixar in the run up to the release of the sequel to Monsters Inc.

The extent of detail in this site is amazing. Course and campus life information, a shop, news, events and even an intranet log in page!

The School of Scaring is brilliant. Take an optional class in Beds and Curtains?

I now really want to watch Monsters Inc again. “Put that thing back where it came from…”

3.  Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

The face that therre’s a Starbucks only a short walk from my office has always been a concern, however, since the introduction of a seasonal menu that includes non-coffee options, the temptation has become all the more dangerous.

Last week I sampled the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and I can say that it was bloomin’ delicious.

4.Pimp your keyboard

DIY Washi Tape Keyboard tutorial from Her New Leaf
DIY Washi Tape Keyboard tutorial from Her New Leaf

I’ve discovered the great blog Her New Leaf this week – amidst blogging advice it also contains many craft tutorials. My new favourite is the amazing DIY Washi Tape laptop keyboard – I must do this. I’ll let you know how I get on!

5. Pop Vinyl figures

Captain America Pop Vinyl figure
Captain America Pop Vinyl figure

How amazing are these Pop Vinyl figures? Lord of the Rings? Game of Thrones? Avengers? YES PLEASE!

Unfortunately a lot of them are out of stock. BOO!

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