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Where do you get your news?

A nice, big cup of tea and a newspaper

My response to a question on Plinky

My evenings tend to get pretty busy so I don’t have the routine that my parents have always had of watching the 6 o’clock national and local news (my dad would be flicking through channels to find the best coverage of Derby County matches) and then watching the 10 o’clock news.

I also don’t read a daily newspaper like my parents. I have tried this but I just end up with a big pile of newspapers that are unread for weeks at a time.

Eventually I’ve found a routine that works for me – I watch a small amount of BBC Breakfast in the morning (only a little, any more than 15 minutes gets pretty unbearable) and I catch the rest on the BBC news website or iPad app and on the Guardian website.

This reflects a change in the world I think from my parents traditional daily newspaper and the news at 10 routine to my mostly digital approach.

However, I’ve recently started to introduce a little bit more of the traditional into my routine by getting The Guardian delivered on a Saturday. I’m enjoying my new Saturday morning routine of getting up and reading the paper in my PJs with a cup of tea.

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