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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Here’s my entry into this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the subject is ‘Mine’. Here is what I think of when I think of something that is all mine

Whilst I love spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends, as an only child I relish ‘me time’. This can take a wide variety of forms from going to the cinema, exercising, watching a dvd, baking or most often, reading.

I love sitting somewhere (at home on the sofa, in bed or somewhere out of the house) with a nice drink and my book (eBook or your garden variety paperback!) – I find it really relaxing and it makes me happy.

In my entry into this week’s challenge*, the book is my kindle and the drink is a cocktail. This was a pretty one-off occasion – normally it’s a tea or hot chocolate but hey, I like the picture and it was definitely all mine!

Kindle and a cocktail
‘Me Time’ – My kindle and a delicious cocktail

*For this week’s entry I’ve used a picture that already existed rather than taking a new one. But it’s my first go and I’ll definitely do better next week!

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