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Cream Tea Review – Lyme Park

Years ago I gave up all sweet things for about 18 months – the only thing I allowed myself was scones. This led to lots of afternoon tea treats at National Trust properties around the Midlands. I soon began to think of myself as a connoisseur of all things scone so I started a Cream Tea review blog. Unfortunately after a few posts I had problems with my car so couldn’t get out to properties as much.

I recently re-read these posts and decided to re-post my old blog posts on here. The reviews are from 2009 so the reviewed places and scones may have changed but I wanted to have a new home for these posts. I will be posting the reviews in order. I hope you enjoy them. You can see the original posts on Blogspot.

Cream Tea review – Lyme Park

I thought it was time I kicked off this blog with an actual Cream Tea review. So i’ll start with the most recent before i finally work up to visiting the cream teas of the past year.

So without any more ado…

Setting: Restaurant at Lyme Park (operated by The National Trust). Lovely house (part of the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice was filmed here! Ah Darcy). 6/10

Quantity: 2 scones 🙂 10/10

Accessories: Nice National Trust blend tea in an attractive Art Deco-esque tea pot. The scones came with a lovely Strawberry jam & thick Clotted Cream but unfortunately no butter. 7/10

Choice: The menu listed the cream tea as including fruit scones only, which is fine for me but it deterred my sultana-hating friend from ordering it. But two plain scones arrived! 4/10

Quality: Not freshly baked. Large but quite cold and stodgy. 6/10

Verdict: 7/10

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