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Emilia Hearts returns

Hello readers! I’m sorry for the long delay in updating this blog. I’m determined to carry on updating it (even if it’s just for me), so thank you to anyone who reads this.

How’s your 2012 been? I hope it’s been lots of fun (despite the rather odd weather at times). I’m having a good year so far. Some of my highlights of the year so far have been my first holiday abroad with my boyfriend, lots of fun outings with friends and enjoying my new home.

We moved to Beeston in Nottinghamshire at the end of last year from our two bed flat in the middle of nowhere to a lovely three bedroomed house  minutes from the town centre. Most importantly of all though is the fact that we now have A GARDEN! There’ll be plenty of blog posts about our garden (and the rest of our lovely new house) in the future but for the minute here’s a quick picture of our garden with our new outdoor furniture and our new friend, ‘next door’s cat!’. It doesn’t look like much at the minute but we have big plans… watch this space!


I’ll be posting lots of information about Beeston in upcoming blog posts too as I have fallen in love with my (suprisingly geeky) little town and its charity bookshop and tea room packed high street. My friend Kerry also moved to Beeston last year and her lifestyle blog Kerry Cooks is always a great read for recipes, restaurant/food reviews and lots more.

The biggest news of the year though is that I recently celebrated my 28th birthday (gulp) and my boyfriend suprised me on the day with a NEW BIKE! It was waiting for me in the kitchen with a big bow attached. I was really suprised and very happy as I’ve been after a bike for a long time but never realised they were so expensive. But now I have my lovely new bike with a basket and a bell. I took her out at the weekend for a quick spin and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to start going on weekend rides and maybe cycling to work!

Here she is:


Thanks for stopping by! I will try and update this blog more regularly. Coming soon:

  • My favourite Beeston tea rooms
  • New healthy living
  • My new home
  • My favourite Slimming World recipes

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