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Board games or bored games?

In the last year or so me and my twenty-something friends have got back into playing board games. Perhaps we’re old before our time, but we love it. A late night board game session is a great way to hang out with friends and on the plus side is WAY cheaper than a late night in town (although it may result in more arguments!).

Yes sure, the older versions of Trivial Pursit are really hard, Monopoly can take an age and my boyfriend ruins a game of Cluedo by guessing the murderer on his second go but they’re great fun. We’ve even got back into snakes and ladders (after being given a brilliant wooden set at Christmas) and have been known to bust out the niche Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit questions… with varying degrees of success.

At the weekend I discovered that my boyfriend, his brother and his girlfriend had never played Kerplunk before (the game where you pull out the sticks and the marbles fall!). Having owned a copy since my third year at Uni (the result of a procrastinating Sainsbury’s trip at University), I began to set up the game.

Kerplunk board game
Kerplunk board game

Now it’s been quite a while since that third year at Uni and I can’t say I play Kerplunk regularly so I seem to have forgotten just how long it takes to set it up! First of all I couldn’t get the red middle bit to hold together, then it took ages to get all the sticks in the right places to catch the marbles. Refusing to be put off, I persevered and soon we were away! Immediately all cynicism vanished and we were all right there in the Kerplunking zone (some of us more competitive than others!) desperate to find a stick that wouldn’t bring any marbles down. Well I lost, but I had a really great time doing it!

If you haven’t played a board game in a while – why not dust Scrabble off and try to play a made up 7-letter word? Or get an old version of Trivial Pursuit off eBay and make youself feel young again by discovering just how little you know about the 90s? Trust me, you’ll love it!

Do you still play board games? Which are your favourites? Or has their time passed?

3 thoughts on “Board games or bored games?

  1. Oh yeah now I’ve seen it I think I have played kerplunk! Not as much as pop up pirate or hungry hippos but I’ve definitely played it a couple of times!

    Me and Lee like a game of scrabble sometimes (and trivial pursuit as you know!) but he won’t play monopoly with me and I love it!

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