Nottingham’s Best Hot Chocolate’s

Dear readers,

I have lived in, or around, Nottingham for all my life. That gives me 27 years of experience to draw on when I talk to you about this very important topic… the best hot chocolate in Nottingham.

This is not a trifling matter my friends, the hot chocolate is a beverage which can be sublime but can also be disappointing. You can find yourself going into a nice café or a warm and welcoming pub and find that you’ve just paid £3.50 for the kind of hot chocolate you could easily make at home… but worse.

No – my friends, it takes time and patience to find the good hot chocolates and when these secret and special places have been found, we are rewarded with a delectable  beverage that can make you feel warm and safe and the vendors are rewarded with our life long loyalty.

So, dear readers where can we find these delicious drinks in our home city? Is it possible to get a nice hot chocolate or had we all better just stay at home in our PJs, put the kettle on and grab the Cadbury’s?

Well the answer is yes, a number of wonderful hot chocolates can be found within our fair city and here’s where to find them:

Malt Cross

£3 small, £3.50 large

My new favourite hot chocolate. Quality toppings and an all-round delicious beverage in one of the nicest venues in Nottingham.

Sit in an old, converted music hall whilst drinking and eating your way through the layer of flake, maltesers and cream. What’s not to like?

Tip: Why not snack on pitta and hoummus whilst you’re there? They do gigs there too!

Broadway Cinema Cafébar

£3.50 with everything (I think)

This is where I found my first good hot chocolate in Nottingham (2006-ish) and it is as good now as it was then.

Yes it might be that my experience of the hot chocolate is biased by the sheer amount of toppings you get but I don’t care, it vastly improves any hot chocolate by approximately 87% and is awesome.

With the large you get flake, malteasers, cream and chocolate sprinkles… go get one now. Right now. Go.

Tip: Have the Halloumi baguette (with wedges, obviously – who are you trying to kid?) and see a film.

Chocolate Utopia


From what I remember you only get sprinkles and cream here, but you don’t need any more as the handmade chocolatiers on Friar Lane serve you a moreish and full on chocolate experience that you won’t forget quickly.

I’m sure there are many more hidden hot chocolate gems in our fair city (have you found a good one?) but these are the places I return to time and time again when I need a big chocolaty hug.

I hope you enjoy.

Yours faithfully,

Emilia Hearts

6 thoughts on “Nottingham’s Best Hot Chocolate’s

    1. Thanks Lucy. Let me know what you think when you do. I’ve also just been recommended the hot choc at Aubrey’s Traditional Creperie too. There’s few things worse than a bad hot choc. X

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