The dress of my dreams

I really didn’t mean to blog about dresses this often but as they’re a big part of my life I guess it was always going to happen this way.

Anyway, I just had to post about this dress I spied today on my new favourite plus size online outlet, ASOS Curve. Prepare yourself for it… Here we go…

Pretty 50s style dress from ASOS Curve

Look at it – isn’t it so pretty? Such a perfect shape and lovely colours.

It makes me think that should I wear it I would instantly get transported to another dimension in which me and my boyfriend go on dates where we drink coke floats at American diners… oh wait we do that already? Ok well, maybe the dress would subliminally encourage him to want to go swing dancing. I believe in the power of a pretty dress… but oh no wait, what’s that? It’s £150 – say whaaaaaa?

My modest plus size dresses budget can’t stretch to that. So I shall just continue to stare at it and dream about it appearing in the sale. This leaves the question of… how much would I pay for it? And I don’t think I dare answer that question right now. I don’t trust myself against the power of the dress.



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