Books galore

My boyfriend and I love books. He’s a librarian and I love reading so together we’ve collected a HUGE library of books covering 5 tall bookcases currently (with more yet to be moved from our parents house). We do use our local libraries too but we really like owning some books too and we’re always on the look out for a nice edition of a book. I love this really twenties edition of Great Gatsby that he bought for me.


And this Jeeves and Wooster…


We share some of the same taste in books (lord of the rings, classics…) but we also like different things too. Him = books about war and sci fi/fantasy books. Me = jasper fforde, douglas coupland and some terrible teen fiction! But my favourites recently are Agatha Christie novels.

On recent trawls around charity shops and bookshops I’ve found a lot of Agatha Christie’s and so have been starting up a new collection. My favourites are the facsimile editions of the Collins Crime club releases (the hardbacks in the picture) which have wonderful covers which really show the year’s changing tastes. They also look great on our bright red bookcases.

I’ve made a good start to the collection but with around 80 novels in all I’ve got a long way to go!


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