Pretty dresses

The bright and sunny weather outside always makes me want to bust out a fab new dress but being plus-sized gorgeous patterned dresses aren’t always that easy to find. Recently though, i’ve had a spate of successes in this area (long may it continue) and as such i’ve treated myself to the following from ASOS Curve:

Striped Dress - ASOS Curve
Striped Dress from ASOS Curve
Heart print dress - ASOS Curve
Heart print dress from ASOS Curve

The orange and blue striped dress has instantly become my favourite – comfortable, well made with a superb shape. Kudos ASOS Curve. I’ve also had a couple of surprising successes with dresses Evans – but unfortunately I can’t find images online. Boo.

Here is a picture of my favourite dress of all-time:

My Flamingo Dress
My Flamingo Dress

Now if I could only have the same kind of success with skirts…

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