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Musical comedy

Last night my boyfriend and I went to see the lovely Isy Suttie (aka Dobby from Peep Show) perform at Nottingham Playhouse.

Image of Isy Suttie

When I discovered that her show, Love Lost In The British Retail Industry, was a musical love story set in a supermarket in Matlock Bath (one of my favourite places), I just had to book tickets. It also helps that the Playhouse is one of my favourite theatre’s (for many, many reasons).

The synopsis seemed far too good to be true  but I have to say that the show lived up to expectations. Isy Suttie is wonderfully charming and genuinely funny keeping the audience smiling and laughing throughout the intro stand up and the storytelling section. Her musical comedy stylings are reminiscent of Flight of the Conchords and the show included a brilliant (sort-of) love song set in IKEA.

If you like your comedy twee and musical – you’ll love Isy Suttie. Overall, it made for a wonderful evening. More please!

PS. You can follow the charming Isy Suttie on Twitter at @IsySuttie

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